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Stoneworx Southwest specialises in all types of resin for your driveways, patios and paths throughout Somerset.

Due to the durability of resin, it's no wonder we have completed so many projects.

Resin Bound aggregate surfaces uses a uv stable clear polyurethane resin to bind together a mixture of aggregates to give a flat surface with a natural aggregate colour and good structural strength. 

The great thing about this product is it can be placed on top of your existing surfaces. We can install a range of different finishes in a range of colours and textures. The stunning colour shades available give a great alternative to paving or tarmac finishes and can be selected to blend in fully with the surrounding area.

See our samples

We can meet you on site to discuss your requirements and for you to see the selection of samples for the different types of resin that are offered.

There is such a vast variety that you will find something to suit you garden and taste.

Get in contact on 01823 974 103 to book a consultation.